Super Short Stories- 5

Here is a fifth serving of Super Short Stories! With this, I’ve touched 50 short stories. Half a century! 🙂 I must take this moment to reiterate that this feat has only been possible thanks to the continued feedback and encouragement from all of you.

Here’s to celebrating the grand old Five-Oh! 🙂


It has been a lonesome battle
Fighting those gnomes and demons
That only he could see and hear
No medicine was the perfect cure
No counseling helped long term
Tonight he decided to kill them
When he finally will draw his last.


All his life
Was about running
Making money
Reaching high
Escaping every evil
He ran and ran
Until the battery died.
|Temple runner|


A dash of grease
An assorted sprinkle
Hot and spluttering
A shade of golden brown
Splashed like a crown
On every dish.
|Tadka garnish|


She was rummaging
Through her box of rings
Diamonds and sapphires
Precious other gem stones
She picked gingerly
That chocolate wrapper ring
And slid it on her finger
‘I wish you were around’
She whispered.
|Lost love|


One of them wore
Dirty rags for clothes
While the other wore a uniform
They were conditioned
Not to converse
But on the bus,
They always traded
One smile for another
|Barter smiles|


The grass on her side
Was always greener
He sneaked out at night
To water hers when she forgot
|True friend|


He gazed at the red
A little faded now, perhaps
And wondered where she was
The crush from highschool
Who signed her love note
With a crimson lipstick kiss.
|Crimson kiss|


One afternoon she blurted
Everything on her mind
Then there was a pause
It grew with vigor
Watered by the complete silence
And then there was nothing
It’s true when they say
Some things are best left unspoken.


She took a tiny step forward
A  giant leap of faith
Curled into a ball
Lunged forward
Stretched backward
Flailed wildly
Surfaced momentarily
Moved marginally
She had just had her first swim.
|First swim|


I always see him carry her
High up on his shoulders
Today I saw his naked torso
Down at the swimming pool
Those little feet on his chest
Etched her in his heart forever
Indeed, that kind of dads
Are a dwindling breed now.
|Feet tattoos|


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