Super Short Stories- 7

Hello once again! I am super excited to share with you the seventh serving of Super Short Stories. All of them have been penned during travel. Literally penned. I got myself a little scribble pad and found myself a lucky ball point pen 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read the little tales. Am just thirty away!! <Come, dance with me in celebration!> 😀

I knew it was going to be short lived
When I held you tight in my embrace
I aw the life run out of you
And one fine moment you said your last
I’ve since found many of your kind
Yet none just like you.
|Ball point pen|

In all the six years they’d been married
Neither uttered a syllable to the other
Yet they said ‘I love you’ everyday
Four eyes danced to a song of their own
Words of which they never could mouth.
|Mute love|

I found you out of the blue
There on the road you started
Your curvy scintillating trail
Our torrid affair sprung forth
For miles I was hooked
And just as suddenly as you began
You stopped short and were gone!
|Rain on the road|

She didn’t take his surname
Or change her faith to his
But she was his arms and feet
His voice and his very being
When he got paralyzed
For four decades now
They have been tho bodies
Sharing one soul.

He built for her a beautiful home
With many doorways and towers
His toddler sister though,
Destroyed it in a matter of seconds
With her own hands and feet.
|Sand castles|

You would call it love at first sight
From beginning to end I glanced quickly
I must have eyed you a dozen times at most
Yet you charmed your way into my heart
Without going on a date
Or even having a conversation!
|Fictional love|

The green elephant stood out
Against the glowing purple sun
Stray streaks of pink and blue
Looked like her signature
Scrawled in perfect randomness
The two year old artist
Had just finished her masterpiece.

You kept me a prisoner
Ashamed of my drooling mouth
And unpredictable mood swings
I was neither to be seen
Nor heard
What you could not take away
My absolute freedom from me
What I thought in my head-
You could never chain that.

For years he and I fought
He finally tunneled his way
Into your beautiful heart
But today you are destined
To sing my praises all day
While I stand playing a flute
And you sit at my feet.
|Meerabai role-play|

Twenty two years after college
When we met at today’s reunion
I was overjoyed to see
You’d saved a seat for me
Like you used to, so many years ago!
|Save a seat|

Hoping to serve the next round before the end of another fortnight. I’m loving this! 🙂 Do take care and be well!


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