Super Short Stories- 4

We meet again 🙂 Here’s a fourth serving of super short stories. It has been hard- fighting the urge to take a break and stop writing.

She gazed at the wrinkled hands
That held the prayer beads
Perhaps they once signed as a Bank Manager,
Perhaps they used to help do homework,
Perhaps they braided pigtails,
Perhaps they did laundry and the dishes,
Perhaps they ran errands and drove a car,
Those beautiful wrinkled hands
Had many stories to tell.
|Wrinkled tales|

She hugged him every chance she got
Even kissed him a few times
He loved the way her eyes sparkled
But she never got to look into his
The costume always came between them
He was just Daffy Duck.
|Fictional love|

When all the dust settles down
And humans voices fade out
Busy lives have been lived
Our words will echo from graves
And trees that we tended to
Are the only things that will tell our tale.
|Tales from beyond|

Everybody stopped by to ooh
At the exotic and vibrant Anthurium
While the pale white Yarrow stood
In its shadow, inconspicuous
When it rained or shined though
They received equal attention.

She frowned at the picture
It was different somehow
Then she noticed the smudge
A vivid violet smear
Her toddler’s paint stained fingers
Gave the game away!
|Little Artist|

He got her pretty clothes
Took her on exotic vacations
Through his lens he saw
The gorgeous lady posing
If only he took a moment
To look at her without the lens
He’d find the lonely damsel
Waiting for conversation.
|Perfect couple|

It had been parched
For a while now
So the downpour was welcome
But soon it turned to slush
And was about to flood
Thank God they realised
And shut the sprinklers off.
|Ant story|

She wore some high heels
And draped an orange sari
Picked up a piece of chalk
And wrote “Inglish” on the board
Then the 5 year old turned around
And wished the empty room.
|Pretend teacher|

They jumped down the sunshade
And one lifted the other
The sisters plucked guavas
From the neighbours tree
They knew stolen guavas tasted
Better than store bought ones.
|Sister escapade|

Scrawly hand written pages
Yellowing on the edges
Dog ears around the corners
Thrilling three, they called it
That novel the 6th graders wrote
Was a cult fiction
In all their homes.
|Junior writers|


2 thoughts on “Super Short Stories- 4

  1. Oh, I love your stories! They remind me of the beauty that life is – how we forget that in our everyday-lives. And yet, it is everyday that is so precious.

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