Super Short Stories- 2

Here are some more 🙂 Some of them could be altered versions of previous works, though. Been writing them for a while now. Posting them in bunches of 9-10 🙂

#10- Gift

Memsaab carefully draped

The six yards of silk

Over the tiny frame

Of my only daughter

I could afford only cotton

The Banarasi sari was a gift

Because she knew how it felt

To give a daughter away.

#11- Winding

She stared into the dark night

Along the winding tracks

Sitting on a lonely rickety bench

Waiting eagerly for her son

To return from the battle

That he fought 20 years ago.

#12- Battlefield

The house shone bright

Diwali lights everywhere

Dinner was made

His favorite desert ready

The old couple sat quietly

At a table set for three

Their soldier son would come

Beaming from the battlefield

Winning a war from 20 years ago.

#13- Celebrate

Last week has been hectic

The enemy is cornered

I can almost taste the victory

Tomorrow shall come

And we shall celebrate the loudest

For we will be home soon

Maa and Paa will cry with joy.

Tomorrow has come

We will win this battle too

But the train that goes home

Won’t have me on it

I can see Maa and Paa

In a little while from now

Staring in disbelief

Not a single tear to shed

When I am bound in tricolor

Their photo still in my breast pocket.

#14- Crimson

I’ve known this day would come

When I must let go of home

Take a giant leap of faith

Be carried by a gust of wind

And lay a little crimson patch

On parched and withered grass

But wait! I am to live eternally

In a little boy’s Leaf Book project.

#15- Truth

He rammed his fist into the sullen face

Of the man that stood in front of him

Nothing changed.

A thousand pairs of sunken eyes

Stared at him from the floor

The mirror only spoke the truth.

#16- Monster

She ached everywhere

Hungry and tired

As she sunk into the couch

She heard a little something

Irritated, she dragged herself

To the little bundled monster

Only to find her grinning in her sleep

Her hand sprawled wide

Diaper bottom in the air

She smiled- not hungry or tired

Not aching anywhere.

#17- Trophy

You’d think that lady

Won a trophy

She beamed so bright

Looking at her two year old

The first time on a slide.

#18- Unbridled

A messy car seat

Some squiggles on the wall

Too many broken crayons

A constant barrage of questions

An unruly mop for a head

A pair of muddy feet

Some sauce on clothes

Coming home in someone else’s shoes

Tell tale signs of mischief overload

And unbridled laughter galore

Little humans not so little any more!

#19- Irony

His father smoked his lung away

Alone, he had to fend for himself

Ended up rolling beedis

Irony stared at him everyday.

#20- Current

There was an obvious current

They were destined to be together

From birth till culmination

The banks were never alone

Yet never really together.

I have immensely enjoyed writing each of them. Hope you enjoyed reading them! Would love to get some critical feedback. Thanks in advance 🙂


10 thoughts on “Super Short Stories- 2

  1. Wow – you are such a good writer. I wish I’d had access to a computer when my kids were little. They’re grown now. I dropped by because I am a blogging addict (I mean I will create a blog at the “drop of a hat” as the saying goes…I even have one patterned after Alcoholic Anonymous called “The Blogamist” for people who just can’t quit making new blogs – they can sign on and it’s like going to a meeting, “Hi, I’m so and so and I can’t stop making blogs!” It’s a joke, no offense meant. And I’m really trying not to do that so much anymore as I’m much too busy. Here’s a link to a recent blog of mine in case you’d like to check it out. Glad to have you in class with me. SEI

    • Hello, thank you so much for stopping by. And for all the kind words 🙂
      I tried visiting your blog. I think the link is down. Can you give it to me again?
      Happy to bump into a fellow classmate who is a blogger too 🙂

  2. Hello!
    We are classmates from Coursera’s English Composition.

    You write beautifully. Your stories are simple and relate-able. I am gonna catch up on rest of the posts.
    I am encouraged to resume blogging, should share the link with you, soon.

    Take Care 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by, Arushi. And for all the kind words. Indeed, I hope you resume blogging. Would love to read it.
      Hope you are enjoying the course.
      Until we bump into each other again, take care and be well.

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